Welcome to Pacoa Laundry Services!

We are your easiest, best and first solution for all of your laundry needs. Be it a drawer or in the closet, the only thing you will ever have to do again is put your clothes away and wear them! No job is too big and no job is too small. Your laundry needs are just one click away from being of off your to do list!

Wash, Dry, Fold

Pacoa Laundry Services uses only dye and perfume free, dermatologist tested detergents, premium softener and state of the art equipment. Each customer’s articles are washed and dried individually, so there is never any chance of mixing with another costumer’s articles.

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Dry Cleaning

Our Dry cleaning service uses only environmentally sound machines and cleaning solutions. We use absolutely no tetrachloroethylene or perchloroethylene (PERC) in our dry cleaning process.

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Pick Up/ Delivery (No Charge)

We are happy to visit you once a week, twice a week, once a month, whenever! Here’s how it works: give us a call, email, text, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, or just open your window and yell loud enough for us to hear you.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Washers and dryers will tumble your clothes for 28 minutes or less!

  • Each client clothes are washed and dried individually.

  • We include everything to get your laundry clean and smelling good.

  • Air-dry upon request

  • Special requests (button replace, double pant crease, etc)

I started using Pacoa Laundry Services years ago. I never gave doing my laundry any thought because Pacoa was always on-time, with excellent service every time. Highly recommend.
Jeff Granger,, Consultant