fav  Wash, Dry, Fold

Whether you don’t have time, whether you just have better things to do, whatever your reason or situation, let us take a load off of your mind (and out of your hamper!)
Pacoa Laundry Services uses only dye and perfume free, dermatologist tested detergents, premium softener and state of the art equipment.
Each customer’s articles are washed and dried individually so there is never any chance of mixing with another customer’s articles.
At your request, we can either fold your garments or hang them. Your total satisfaction is our only goal. We will even air dry your garments upon request.

fav  Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning service uses only environmentally sound machines and cleaning solutions. We use absolutely no tetrachloroethylene or perchloroethylene (PERC) in our dry cleaning process (even if you choose not to use our dry cleaning services, please make sure that whatever dry cleaning service you do use does not use these chemicals. They are very bad for the environment and studies have shown that they are a likely carcinogen).